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The Curse of The Leech

Ai's upbringing in Tokyo was anything but ordinary. She was raised by strict adoptive parents who believed in the philosophy of "tough love." Growing up under their unforgiving guidance, she developed an insatiable thirst for validation and approval from those who crossed her path. This relentless pursuit of recognition continued to shape her well into her adulthood.

She embodied a persona of reticence and timidity, concealing the inner turmoil of her self-esteem struggles. The ceaseless need for validation became the driving force behind her actions. However, when Ai fell in love, her demeanor underwent a dramatic transformation. The once introverted girl became a portrait of possessiveness, jealousy, and an unrelenting obsession with the person who had captured her heart.

As her emotions swirled into a tempestuous storm, Ai grew increasingly unpredictable. She faced a constant struggle to balance her overpowering desire for love with the dread of a dark secret that she harbored deep within her. This secret was nothing short of terrifying: her very own human face could rupture, revealing a nightmarish visage lined with leech-like teeth.

This grotesque transformation was the dire consequence of a curse inflicted upon her by her birth mother, a woman entangled in the sinister realms of dark cults during her pregnancy. To manage this horrifying curse, Ai was bestowed with a mystical necklace, though its effectiveness remained capricious. She found herself, at times, powerless against the monstrous nature lurking within her, inadvertently consuming those she cherished most.

INFO . . .

Free uploads in my discord

PC / Quest compatible

Poiyomi Toon 8.1

Protected by Gonso's License System ; your license key is needed for uploading the avatar , after using your license key it will be locked the account you have uploaded the avatar to . it is also difficult to bring it into Blender to edit because all meshes are scrambled .


Casual Clothes : Cardigan , Shirt , Skirt , Thigh highs , Heels .

Hair Style : Bang Length , Bow , Long sides , Long back , Ponytail , Short .

Accessories : Hair pins , Spider lily , Necklace , Arm Danglies , Tail Danglies , Thigh Danglies , Umbrella , Fan .

Species : Ears top , Ear bottom , Tail , Tail Length .

Fancy Clothes : Collar , Bodysuit , Sleeves , Skirt , Kimono , Geta .

Colors : Skin tone , Eye Hue , Eye Saturation , Hair Hue , Hair Brightness , Hair Saturation .

Leech : Idle Leech , Leech radial , Bloody .

Secret Menu

GoGo Loco Menu .


Performance - very poor

Download size - 17 mb

Texture memory - 88 mb

Polygons - 245k

Skinned meshes - 32

Material slots - 35

Bones - 456


Before purchasing , please ensure you have VRChat Creator Companion downloaded and Poiyomi in your Unity project.

Please use Unity 2022.3.6f1 for your project

Please note, for the secret menu to work you must import it into the unity project before importing this model !


1. Open creator companion and make a new avatar project [ in unity 2022 ]

2. Import Poiyomi 8.1 [ required ] and the secret package [ optional ]

3. Import Aishite unity package

4. Drag the "OPEN ME" unity scene into the Hierachy in the top left [ if your model is pink , select all materials and change them to poiyomi 8.1

5. Go to GonsoLicenser tab at the top of your screen and validate your lisence key, lisence keys are unqiue long randomly generated series of numbers and letters that is shown on the download page after purchasing.

6. go to VRChat SDK and show the control panel, then log into your vrchat account

7. in the builder tab of the control panel, choose a name for your avatar upload , choose a thumbnail and make sure the visablity is PRIVATE.

8. accept VRChat's terms and conditions at the very bottom and then click "Build and Publish"

RULES . . .

Do NOT resell this package .

Do NOT share this package with anyone who has not bought it .

Do NOT steal assets from this model , buy them from their own respective creators / if it is made by me ask for permission first in my discord server's ticket system if you can use said asset on a commercial / personal model .

ALL SALES ARE FINAL ; refunds are not allowed on this product, as it is a digital product that can’t be returned after receiving . if you have any issues please reach out to me on discord before requesting a refund !!

A violation of these rules will result in a ban from my discord server and a possible DMCA request , please respect artists and their art .


Body Base - Nikkie

Long Hair - Sleepyvrc

Bow Hair - Saikura

Ears - Nikkie

Tail - Velbet

Geta - Holoexe

Kimono - Dumpling.png

Unity work - Gonsodany

arm danglies , thigh danglies , tail danglies, hair pins , necklace , spider lily , head , bodysuit , cardigan , collar , shirt , heels , rings , pleated skirt , skin tight skirt, sleeves , thigh highs , side hair , pony tail , and short hair are all made by me .

. g g / b u n i s u

You will get a ZIP (401MB) file