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INFO . . .

Free uploads in my discord

PC / Quest compatible

Poiyomi Toon 8.3


Clothes : Hoodie , Shirt , Tank , Pants , Boots

Accessories : Bandaids , Bracelets , Choker , Harness , Sleeves , Thigh highs , Warmers

Species : Cat , Puppy , Bunny

Body customization : Skin tone slider , Chubby slider

Hair customization : Long hair , Short hair , Bangs length slider , Hair color slider, Hair hue slider

Outfit customization : Hueshift slider , RGB , Black - White swap , Warmer design slider , Glitching Off/On

Extra : Tripping swap, Audio Link , Receivers Off/On

Secret menu

GoGo Loco menu


160k Tris total

18 MB in-game

80 MB Texture memory

40 Material Slots


Before purchasing , please ensure you have VRChat Creator Companion downloaded and Poiyomi in your Unity project.

This model was made in unity 2019.4.31f1, but can also be uploaded in unity 2022.3.6f1

Please note, for the secret menu to work you must import it into the unity project before importing this model but it is optional !


1. Open creator companion and make a new avatar project

2. Import Poiyomi 8.3 [ required ] and the secret package [ optional ]

3. Import the model's unity package

4. Drag the unity scene into the Hierachy in the top left [ if your model is pink , select all materials and change them to poiyomi 7

5. go to VRChat SDK and show the control panel, then log into your vrchat account

6. in the builder tab of the control panel, choose a name for your avatar upload , choose a thumbnail and make sure the visablity is PRIVATE.

7. accept VRChat's terms and conditions at the very bottom and then click "Build and Publish"

RULES . . .

Do NOT resell this package .

Do NOT share this package with anyone who has not bought it .

Do NOT steal assets from this model , buy them from their own respective creators / if it is made by me ask for permission first in my discord server's ticket system if you can use said asset on a commercial / personal model .

ALL SALES ARE FINAL ; refunds are not allowed on this product, as it is a digital product that can’t be returned after receiving . if you have any issues please reach out to me on discord before requesting a refund !!

A violation of these rules will result in a ban from my discord server and a possible DMCA request , please respect artists and their art .


Head - sivka.

Base - nikkie

Boots - apyrvr

Belly piercing - d4fault

Dog set - d4fault

Cat set - nikkie

Pants - nyakoh

Boxers - oceanorbs

Long Hair - saikura

Unity work - Pup

Hoodie , Tshirt , Tank , Bandaids , Bracelets, Sleeves , Thigh highs, Warmers , Bunny set, Short hair , Piercings , eye textures , eyebrows , head texture, body texture , all done by me or pup

. g g / b u n i s u

You will get a ZIP (263MB) file