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K4T & RABB!T ♡

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**I N F O**

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Quest ready

Fullbody ready

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**F E A T U R E S**

**! K-4T TOGGLES !**

- Bodysuit

- Sleeves

- Mask

- Visor

- Top wings

- Bottom wings

- Species: Collar, Ears, Tail, Claws, Leg trails

- Mecha: Bazooka, Shoot, Droid, Spring joint

- Swaps: Hue Shift, Party Mode, White Metal, Hair Color, Bangs, Hair Style, Skin tone

- GoGo Loco menu


- Apparel: Bodysuit, Sleeves, Mask, Top wings, Bottom wings

- Species: Ears, Tail, Paws, Leg trails

- Mecha: Bazooka, Shoot, Visor, Droid, Spring joint

- Swaps: Hue Shift, Party Mode, Black Metal, Hair Color, Skin tone

- DPS: Mouth, Hand Left, Hand Right, Boobs, Coochie, Butt

- Gogo Loco menu

**R U L E S**

- Do NOT leak this package

- Do NOT resell this package

- Do NOT take assets from this model

- Do NOT share this package

- ALL SALES ARE FINAL! Refunds are not allowed on this product, as it is a digital product that can’t be returned after receiving it.


 Failure to follow these rules will result in a ban from my discord server, and a possible DMCA request. Please, respect artists and their art.

**C R E D I T S**

- Body

- Bunny Ears

- Cat ears

- Masks

- Pigtails

- Shoot particles

- Leg particles

- SpringJoint particles

- GoGo

- Ponytail

- Short Hair

- Collar

The rest of the assets on these models were made by me completely from scratch: head, bodysuit, bikini, claws, paws, legs, cat tail, bunny tail, cat visor, bunny visor, wings, cat droid, and bunny droid, back plates, sleeves, and bazookas.

Thank you Jamie for the showcase, and thank you PUP for the unity work <3

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